Naxal Belt Manifesto 

The Naxal Belt is the point at which ossification dissolves, the acceptance of age-old naturalization of existing conditions inverts, the "tipping point", the limit experience, the no-experience to counter the ubiquitous homogenization of experience, the detournement, the prankster, the extreme rejectionist, the un-historicized, the unbridgeable synapse, the Phantom Limb, the court jester, the bitter faggot, that which is illegible according to the parameters of existing discourses. The Naxal Belt is noise, not sound; it is bent, not straight; it is no-sense, not logic; it is broken, not whole; it is ugly, not beautiful. It is in love with death. Death is its mother, father, lover, teacher, confidant, and best friend. Death is there when it wakes up in the morning, and leaves its tenderest kiss. Death discolors its arms, hardens its neck, seeps into its liver, collapses its lungs, its rotting rancid brain, convulsing in futility and truths returned for refunds without receipt. The Naxal Belt is unassimilable surplus, the paradox of a language of that which cannot be uttered, cannot be represented, which receives no representation.